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The Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) defines the expected settlement path for each transaction received by Universal Trade Capture (UTC) as eligible for the Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) or non-CNS.


  • CNS-eligible transactions are guaranteed by the central counterparty until settlement.
  • Non-CNS obligations are further defined as guaranteed and not guaranteed until the contractual settlement date.

The CTS is a legacy application which is being re-written for release in mid-2017.

  • Clear distinctions will be made as to non-CNS guaranteed vs. not guaranteed.
  • New fields will be added to provide transparency.
  • Obsolete fields will be eliminated.
  • Auto Route output files will be sunset.
  • New query capabilities will be added.

  • Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) Rewrite: Go-live June 23, 2017 (6/9/2017)

    As previously announced, NSCC has revised the Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) and is scheduled to i ...
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  • Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) - Unexpected Close Test for the Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) Re-write (12/8/2016)

    As part of the NSCC Member UAT testing of the CTS, an unexpected close event has been scheduled for ...
    In CTS Important Notices Downloads: 700

  • Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) - New File Formats Will Replace Legacy Reports, Planned for June 2017 (6/23/2016)

    The National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) is proposing to modernize the Consolidated Trade ...
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  • Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) - Re-write Canned Output & Updates to the CTS Layouts & Descriptions (12/15/2015)

    The National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) has announced the plans for replacing the legacy ...
    In CTS Important Notices Downloads: 772

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