Settlement Web Overview

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Browser Overview

The Settlement Web is DTC's primary Settlement user interface. Clients have the ability to view their settlement activity as well as to submit settlement transactions to DTC.  A Dashboard allows users to view different settlement related events, subscribe to alerts, and  save frequently-used queries. Functionality currently available includes:



Cash and Balances

Transaction Submission



Activity Inquiry

Collateral Loans

Inquiring about Settlement Transaction Uploads

Position Inquiry Risk Management Controls Inquiry

Deliver Order Input

MMI Full Call Notice Inquiry

MMI Tracking

Payment Order Input

Pending Activity


Memo Segregation

MA/NA Collateral Moves

Investment ID


Transaction Approval

Transaction File Uploads
Coming Soon Receiver Authorized Delivery (RAD)



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The Settlement Web Profiles webcast will provide a walkthrough on how to add and delete profiles.

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This Settlement Web webcast will cover: 1. Inputting a Pledge2. Requesting a Pledge Release

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Learn about the option to route Settlement Web-entered transactions to a queue for approval or cancellation prior to...

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Common questions about settlement transaction file uploads for submission to DTC. Learn about the new types of...

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This Settlement Web webcast will cover Inputting a Pledge and Requesting a Pledge Release.

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