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DTC must be instructed in writing to set up a specific DTC-eligible CUSIP for tracking. At the same time, the issuer must instruct DTC as to whom will perform the function of the administrator for the CUSIP within the SH Tracking Service.

Upon receipt of all of the aforementioned documentation, DTC will make the CUSIP DTC-eligible and will activate the tracking indicator on its security master file. Additionally, once it is made eligible, DTC will perform asset servicing for the issue. The administrator appointed by the issuer will control movements of the particular CUSIP for which it has been appointed. Once the tracking indicator has been activated on the master file and the administrator has been appointed, no transfer of the securities shall take place in the tracked security without the approval of the administrator through the Inventory Management System (IMS). The administrator, based on requirements of the issuer, shall be solely responsible for determining whether a transaction should be effected in DTC. Once approved by the administrator, DTC may perform centralized book-entry settlement.

IMS will only allow an administrator access to view and approve transactions for CUSIPs for which they have been appointed administrator as reflected in DTC’s records. 1

The tracked securities will not be held as part of a Participant’s general free account nor will they be considered eligible collateral in DTC’s settlement system.

Although the SH Tracking Service was developed to address the specific concerns of closely held Rule 144A issues, in practice it could be used for other types of securities for which the number or character of the beneficial owners requires some level of control by a third-party administrator.



1 As DTC is relying solely on the instructions of the administrator in order to effect settlement in tracked securities and has no knowledge of the number or character of the underlying beneficial owners, use of the SH Tracking Service by any party will constitute an agreement that DTC shall not be liable for any loss or damages related to the use of the SH Tracking System. Each user of the SH Tracking Service agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DTC and its affiliates from and against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, judgments, charges, and expenses arising out of or relating to the use of the SH Tracking Service.