User Interface 4.0

The new CTM User Interface 4.0 (CTM UI 4.0) is now available, with more functionality being added with future releases. It offers improved functionality and security while it is even easier to use. Also, there is no need for Java to access the new user interface. This is the future CTM UI that all clients will be expected to upgrade to.

Transition to the new interface is straight forward, flexible and cost-free. Users can access both their existing version of the CTM UI and CTM UI 4.0 at the same time, allowing users to decide when to begin the transition to UI 4.0. This helps to bridge any gaps in functionality that have not yet been built and gives both users and organizations full control and flexibility of when and how to begin the transition.

The CTM UI 4.0 benefits at a glance are

  • no client-side Java dependency
  • performance improvements
  • improved end user experience
  • refined UI security
  • ability to break cross-paired trades and pair with the correct trade
  • UI 4.0 can be used in parallel with older versions of the CTM UI



 View content below to find more information about how to upgrade, available functionality and documentation and training resources to help get you up to speed.

Watch this short, introductory video to learn more about all of these benefits and see a demonstration of the new UI.

The UI 4.0 is available to all current CTM users. Follow the steps below to get access:

  1. Go to (Production) or (Client Test).
  2. Log in using your existing CTM User ID and Password.
  3. You will be logged into the new UI. Your User ID will be permissioned with the same actions you have available when logged into your existing user interface.

In the below table you can see which functionality is available now and when additional functionality will be added. Any functionality not yet included in the CTM UI 4.0 can still be accessed using older versions of the UI.

Feature/Functionality  Available Now Scheduled for 2018
Support of Equity and Debt Trades x  
Trade actions: Force Pair, Force Match, Reject, Cancel, Cancel after MAGR x   
MISM, NMAT and All Exceptions x  
Graphical Dashboard for Equity and Debt Trades x  
Find Trade By Reference Number x  
Advanced Search x  
Export to CSV  x  
View SSIs x  
Support of inSITE fields x  
Support of large volume user case x  
Security enhancements x  
Can be used in parallel with 2.0 and 3.0 of the CTM UI x  
Manual entry for brokers x  
Match Agreed View x  
Export Match Agreed Allocations to CSV x  
View History  
Third Party Notification
Amend   x
Customized Views   x
Export/Print trades, notifications and legal contracts to PDF   x
Manage and process Repo trades   x
Support Canada Block settlement, CDS and ACWF   x
CFI for buy-side and sell-side   x
Multi-amend   x



Find below our Product Release Information documents for all UI 4.0 releases to date, detailing the functionality added with each release. The most recent release, Release 6, was made available in November 2017.

For detailed instructions on using all UI 4.0 functionality, use the online help. This is also accessible directly from within the UI 4.0 once you're logged in.