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Mutual Fund Profile Service II

The purpose of this Web guide is to provide NSCC members, which includes but is not limited to, mutual funds, insurance companies, brokerage firms, dealers and trading partners participating in the mutual fund services, with the information necessary to utilize the features and functionality of the Mutual Fund Profile Service (MFPS) II system.


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This database includes projected or actual information, such as:recorddate,ex-date, reinvest date and payable date for dividends, and capital gains distributions. It can also include1 2b-1 rateand other fund payout information. Only Funds can submit information to the Distribution Declaration database.

Input and Output

Input and Output to the Distribution Declaration databases is currently multi-cycle.

For details on the Input/Ouput file transmission schedules click pdf here (432 KB)

Daily, NSCC distributes to firstm "projected," as well as "actual" information about dividends, capital gains, commissions, or other distribution information received from fund groups. NSCC distributes this information in accordance with the input/output cycle posted under the Mutual Fund Transmission Schedules.

This functionality is available on NSCC business days. NSCC distributes rejected records back to the originator in the current cycle.

Retention of Data

NSCC will maintain historical data within the MFPS II database for a specified period of time. Distribution Declaration data does not get purged and is maintained on the MFPS II database indefinitely.


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Maintains information for each NSCC participant, such as company name, address and includes contact names and processing capabilities. A firm or a fund can submit information to the Participant Profile database.

To view Participant Database record layouts please visit the documentation section of this learning center under Mutual Fund Services - Mutual Fund Profile Service II.

Updates and Deletions

The Participant database will be updated based on the Effective Date of the incoming transaction. If the effective date of the transmission record is equal to the current date then the data is effective immediately and the transmission data replaces the current data in the database. Transmission data with future Effective Dates will be stored in the MFPS II Participant database, replacing the current data when the future Effective Date becomes current.

Existing MFPS II participant data can be deleted from the database using the “delete” action indicator and identifying key elements.

Input and Output to the Participant database is currently single batch.  Participant database additions, updates, and deletions input by participants are accepted by NSCC between early morning and 8:15pm ET (cutoff)on business days. A daily output update file will be available to all participants late in the evening (around 9:00pm ET) on all NSCC business days. Rejected records will also be distributed by NSCC back to the originator at this time.

Additionally, NSCC will make available to recipients, upon request, files (for User Request Records submitted to NSCC) of MFPS Participant and Distribution Declaration information.

Retention of Data

NSCC will maintain historical data within the MFPS II database for a specified period of time.

Participant Information

Due to the nature of the Participant Profile the most current information will be maintained, along with the last maintenance date on the MFPS databases.

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MFPS II Fund participants can update and/or delete information contained in MFPS II. All transmittal records include key data elements, which will identify the data to be updated or deleted on the database.


Additions or update changes to the databases are used to add new information to the MFPS II databases or to identify and update existing information previously transmitted to NSCC.

This includes updates to current and future effective date information that already exists in the MFPS II Participant database.

In the MFPSII Distribution Declaration database, updates may be made for the existing projected and actual distribution information on the database.

Changes to the Fund/SERV® Security Master require an update be sent out to all recipients or holders of that specific security.

Changes to the Fund/SERV® Participant Master require updates be sent out for all Fund/SERV® securities that default to the Fund/SERV® Participant. This must be done to keep recipients current with Fund/SERV® changes.


Deletions are used to remove information from the MFPS II databases.

Currently effective and future effective information for MFPS II Participant information can be deleted by use of the “delete” action indicator field on the individual records.

For MFPSII Distribution Declaration, projected and actual distribution information can be deleted in the same manner.