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Mutual Fund Profile Service I

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Mutual Fund Profile Service I  (MFPS I)1 Price & Rate service was developed and implemented in 1996 to provide Funds with an automated solution for providing intermediaries with prices in the form of net asset values (NAVs) and distribution rates (for daily and periodic dividends and capital gains).2

The Daily Price & Rate File provides:Funds have the ability to submit prices in:
  • NAV date and price
  • Daily & periodic distribution (dividend & capital gain) rates
  • Security Issue IDs (these may or may not be Fund/SERV®-eligible)
  • NAV and dividend rate corrections with associated date
  • Day count (the number of days that applies to the rate for daily accrual funds)
  • Issued and proposed symbols
  • Cumulative rates
  • Distribution types
  • Distribution indicators
  • USD = U.S. Dollar
  • GBP = British Pound
  • EUR = Euro
  • JPY = Japanese Yen
  • SGD = Singapore Dollar
  • HKD = Hong Kong Dollar
  • AUD = Australian Dollar
  • CAD = Canadian Dollar
  • CHF = Swiss Franc
  • CNY = China Yuan Renminbi
  • NOK = Norwegian Krone
  • SEK = Swedish Krona


1) MFPS I: Daily Price & Rate File is a service offering of National Securities Clearing Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTCC.

2) Mutual Funds utilize Price & Rate File to pass NAVs and Rates to intermediaries. Dividend Distribution information (including Record Date, Ex Date, Payable Date, Payout Rate Period Start and Payout Rate Period End Dates) is available on the MFPS II Distribution Declaration File.