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The Warehouse comprises a robust infrastructure that provides market participants across the globe with a wide range of automated operational capabilities. It also offers tailored solutions that allow customers and third-party service providers to subscribe to the relevant service that meets their specific needs. The Warehouse provides lifecycle event processing services for approximately 98% of all credit derivative transactions in the global marketplace.


TIW Webcast below is a 4 part series that will provide an overview of Central Settlement, Strategic Restructuring, Payment Reconciliation and Event Processing.



TIW: Central Settlement Overview

  • 1. TIW: Central Settlement Overview
  • 2. TIW: Payment Reconciliation Overview
  • 3. TIW: Strategic Restructuring Overview
  • 4. TIW: Event Processing Overview

Category: Event Processing
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Category: Payment Reconciliation
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Category: Strategic Restructuring
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Category: Central Settlement
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Event Processing


Payment Reconciliation


Strategic Restructuring


Central Settlement