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Cash and Balances

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The Risk Management Controls Inquiry (RMCI) function allows you to view the current settlement balance or Risk Management Control-related balances for your collateral group.

You can also view your:

  • Settlement Progress Payments (SPP) and Principal & Interest (P&I) available balances

  • Net debit caps

  • Debit peak averages

  • Pending transactions

  • Unapproved transactions

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Each participant must choose a settling bank that is also a DTC participant with access to the Fedwire system and NSS (National Settlement Service) to act on its behalf when settling with DTC. DTC further reduces money transfers by netting participant balances at the settling bank level, which allows a settling bank to settle for multiple participants via a single Fedwire instruction rather than settling each individual participant balance.

Settling banks, acting on behalf of participants, acknowledge or refuse to settle participant balances. Upon acknowledgement from all settling banks, DTC collects and disburses settling bank balances through the Federal Reserve’s NSS, which directly posts debits and credits to settling bank accounts.