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The Required Participants Fund Deposit for each Participant is recalculated daily. If, in the daily calculation, the amount of the difference between the prior day’s Required Participants Fund Deposit and the newly calculated Required Participants Fund Deposit is equal to or exceeds $500,000 and the difference represents 25 percent or more of the newly calculated required fund deposit, the affected Participant must (to the extent any excess amount of the Participant’s Actual Participants Fund Deposit does not already satisfy the new requirement)  deposit the difference in the Participants Fund on the same Business Day that  the difference was calculated and a report or other notification of the change is made available to the Participant.

In addition, after settlement on the last business day of each month, DTC calculates each Participant’s requirement. Each participant will be notified of their new requirement on the first Business Day of the month. If a Participant’s requirement has increased beyond the value it currently has on deposit at DTC, a debit transaction will process in its settlement account and this deficit will be collected with their DTC settlement that day.

If the Participant is required to increase its deposit, the Participant will be notified, and the amount will be systematically charged to the settlement account of the affected Participant as a Participants Fund contribution (Activity Code 70-01).

If the deposit of a Participant requirement decreases, the Participant will be notified at least quarterly, but the Participant can inquire and withdraw excess deposits monthly. This allows  a Participant to leave excess cash in the Participants Fund and reduce the level of administration that would otherwise be necessary. DTC will also accept voluntary excess deposits to the Participants Fund for this purpose.



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