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  • Security Holder Tracking deliveries uses an Account Transaction Processor (ATP) activity code, 42, in DTC. This activity code moves position from the delivering Participant’s designated sub-account to the receiving Participant’s designated sub-account, either free or versus payment. ATP uses the same serial number (identifies sub-accounts) for both deliverer and receiver.
  • All DO activity (e.g., stock loans, reclaims) is subject to administrator's approval.
  • For Security Holder Tracking transactions received from a Matching Utility, Participants need to authorize their deliveries in IMS for DTC to attempt settlement (in addition to the third-party administrator approval).
  • Trades submitted via a Matching Utility will be identified as either transaction type Matched Institutional Trades (MITS) or Late Matched Institutional Trades (LMIT) in IMS.
  • Security Holder Tracking deliver orders follow regular Receiver Authorized Delivery (RAD) rules.
  • DTC ATP Activity Code 42 deliveries appears on the DTC Participant Account Statement under one of the following current Settlement Activity Codes (as applicable): 19 (ID), 26-0 (DO SDFS), 26-5 (Stock Loan DO), 26-6 (Stock Loan Return DO).
  • Stock loan reason codes are permitted for Security Holder Tracking DOs, and update the stock loan tracking memo accounts as with normal stock loan tracked DOs.
  • Participants are able to identify those transactions awaiting administrator approval in IMS by means of the Settlement User Interface’s Security Holder Tracking inquiry functionality.