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The below table includes functionality currently available in the CTM UI 4.0 and functionality which will be added in 2020. Any functionality not yet included in the CTM UI 4.0 can still be accessed using older versions of the UI. 

Clicking on the hyperlinks for any of the features below will direct you to the related topic in the online help for the UI 4.0.

Feature/Functionality  Available now Future availability
Support of Equity and Debt Trades X  
Trade actions: Amend, Copy Block, Force Pair, Force Match, Reject, Cancel, Cancel after MAGR X  
Copy Allocation X  
MISM, NMAT and All Exceptions X  
Match Agreed View - 7 Day Range  
Pagination of Match Agreed Trades  
Graphical Dashboard for Equity and Debt Trades X  
Find Trade By Reference Number X  
Advanced Search X  
Export to CSV  X  
Export to PDF X  
View SSIs X  
Support of inSITE fields X  
Support of large volume user case X  
Security Enhancements X  
Can be used in parallel with 2.0 and 3.0 of the CTM UI X  
Manual Entry X  
Export Match Agreed Allocations to CSV X  
Support for SSI enrichment: using user-defined ALERT keys, AKAS (ALERT Key Auto-Select) or manual X  
Support of Stepout Trades X  
Support of Equity Options X  
Support of US Depository Data X  
History X  
User-Defined Views X  
Omnibus Trades   X
Support of Stipulations   X



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