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CNS Ancillary Services FAQ

Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CNS Ancillary Services.

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To access Fully Paid For Accounts, you need to be able to access DTCC’s Customer portal. If you do not have access, contact your access coordinator and request access to the portal and under available products, “CNS”.

After accessing the portal, click CNS from the Available Production Products.


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The Fully Paid For Account is a special subaccount within NSCC's Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) System that assists participants in maintaining compliance with possession and control requirements pursuant to Rule 15(c)3-3 of the Securities Exchange Act.

The Fully Paid For Account allows participants to complete settlement obligations based on anticipated same-issue allocations from CNS. Third-party deliveries for credit through the Institutional Delivery system are facilitated by this CNS subaccount.

The Fully Paid For Account is available for CNS-eligible equities, corporate bonds, unit investment trusts, rights, and warrants.


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The Fully Paid For Account is available to all NSCC full-settling members and especially benefits those that serve both retail and institutional client bases.


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The Fully Paid For Account:

  • Doesn't force you to arrange for "iffy" borrows or to wait for expected allocations and separately process third-party deliveries.
  • Expedites and synchronizes street- and customer-side settlement, facilitating cash-flow planning, and reducing interest and carrying costs.
  • Enhances and maintains the protection of your customer securities.
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Brokers who are expecting a receive in CNS of a security may make deliveries of customer securities to third parties. If CNS does not allocate the position, the member may convert the right to receive for value into a right to receive for free. To move positions in and out of these accounts, participants submit instructions to NSCC by mid-morning.

On the money settlement side of the Fully Paid For Account, NSCC debits the participants' money settlement accounts for the current market value of long securities positions moved into the Fully Paid For Account.

These debits are accounted for separately. Thereafter, participants' daily net money settlements are adjusted to reflect price changes through daily marks to the market, until CNS security allocations offset positions in participants' Fully Paid For Accounts.


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