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ACATS Shortened Cycle Release

Implemented: February 24, 2020

The Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) application includes a series of enhancements to help the industry move towards a shortened ACATS transfer cycle. The goal of the ACATS Shortened Cycle release was implemented to shorten the transfer process while simultaneously reducing risk, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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ACATS output files and webinars describing the modernization initiative

ACATS Shortened Cycle Presentations

Updated NSCC input file formats reflecting the modernization initiative changes ACATS Shortened Cycle Input Record Layouts
Updated NSCC output file formats reflecting the modernization initiative changes ACATS Shortened Cycle Output Record Layouts
Important notices related to the modernization initiative ACATS Modernization Important Notices
Test cases, implementation guidelines, user guides, and best practices for the modernization initiative release ACATS Shortened Cycle Documents



Future of ACATS

Status: Project on Hold

ACATS Modernization is a multi-phase initiative to modernize and transform the ACATS application.  ACATS Reimagined, will introduce more significant changes to ACATS by introducing a reimagined ACATS process that offers a modern real-time event driven transaction processing system. This new application will drive quicker communication between parties and create an infrastructure for a shorter transfer window.

Note: The ACATS Modernization Reimagined initiative is currently on hold.

The Reimagined phase of the ACATS Modernization initiative focuses on:

  • Improving and standardizing workflows.
  • Streamlining operations and making processes more efficient.
  • Providing a real-time rule-based engine.
  • Increasing value by reducing client calls, improving current systems and operations, and enabling consistency across firms.
  • Upgrading the technology with API driven capabilities and cloud access.

The following figure shows the life cycle of a transfer.

acats flow

The following presentations provide an overview, technology background, and workflow for the ACATS reimagined initiative. See also: Concept Paper: A Vision for the Future of ACATS.

ACATS Reversal Testing

Implemented: May 2015

The ACATS Reversals Testing category provides access to documents specific to ACATS Reversals Testing, including test cases and instructions.