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Frequently Asked Questions


Participants can track their firm’s securities held in DTC’s Custody vault in two ways: 

a)     Using the PBS CUST Inquiry options.

b)     The end-of-day Custody Certificate Detail Position File (AIMCDI)


DTC carries insurance to cover the costs of replacing certificates lost in transit or on its premise.


There is no regulatory policy for auditing the vault. The vault is audited once per year.  Given prior notice, DTC will allow a customer access to their inventory to perform a box count, at a cost. The end-of-day Custody Certificate Detail Position File (AIMCDI) can be used as your firm’s “daily audit.”

The only service that will require a signed agreement prior to participating is the Custody Reorg service. All other service documents are a part of the Custody Service Guide, and do not require a signature.


Yes, DTC images all certificates it receives for deposit.  Participants who have imaging systems can make arrangements to have their deposit images sent intra-day to their image server. For those firms that do not use imaging technology or choose not to receive all of their images can request copies of individual deposits via the Image Fax/Email (IFE) function accessible via PBS CUST.

DTC follows-up with the agent the following day, and each day thereafter. Transfer Agent rush fees are passed through to the participant.  DTC processes rush transfer instructions to the agent via express mail on the day of their receipt.