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Course Description

The GCF Repo® service enables dealers to trade general collateral repos, based on rate, term, and underlying product, throughout the day without requiring intra-day, trade-for-trade settlement on a Delivery-versus-Payment (DVP) basis.  This webinar includes overview of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, FICC’s Government Securities Division and GCF Repo® Services. 


What You Will Learn:

At the completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Explain how the GCF Repo® Service works
  • List the GCF Repo® Service eligible collateral types
  • Detail the phases of the GCF Repo® lifecycle
  • Define/describe Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM®)
  • Explain GCF Repo® Netting and Settlement Process
  • Explain GCF Funds-Only Settlement Process
  • Describe some key GSD Risk Management practices

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • This webinar assumes prior government securities industry experience, basic knowledge of RTTM®, familiarity of GSD processing, as well as knowledge gained from the prerequisite courses listed below.
  • Introduction to Government Securities Division (GSD) Overview Webinar
  • FICC GSD Risk Management Overview Course


Tutorial Level




1 hour


Self-Paced Option

This course is also available as a self-paced elearning course.  Click here to begin.


Follow-up Learning Recommendations

  • GCF RTTM® System Navigation Overview Webinar
  • GCF Reports Service Reports Overview Webinar
  • GCF Repo Web Interactive Guide

Related Certification

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