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EaSy Pool

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Welcome to the EaSy Pool Web-Interactive Guide!

This web-interactive guide provides step-by-step instructions about how to use the Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) EaSy Pool (ESP) service. You can submit all original notification (ON), don't know (DK), cancel and correct (CC), and cancel (CX) messages through EaSy Pool. This guide assumes a general knowledge of mortgage-backed securities, Microsoft Windows 2000®, and Windows XP® operating systems. This content is intended for information technology professionals, business analysts, and others who are responsible for implementing or operating EaSy Pool.

Introduction to EaSy Pool

EaSy Pool is a messaging service that enables you to communicate with your counterparties. It provides a formatted data-entry and display facility for Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) message entry, message display, reporting, receipt of messages, and administration.

To access EaSy Pool, ensure that you are using EaSy Pool with an existing access coordinator (AC) set up with DTCC™ or FICC. Verify that you have the correct permissions. 

Within the EaSy Pool section you can learn about:

  • Accessing EaSy Pool
  • How to navigate the EaSy Pool Home page
  • Transaction Management
  • Report Center
  • EaSy Pool Business Administration
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The access coordinator (AC) for your company grants access to internal users that utilize Easy Pool. Although the AC may not use the service, they grant access with their shop.

To log in to Easy Pool:
1. Go to the DTCC™ Customer portal available at

2. Type your user ID and password in the corresponding fields on the ESP Login Screen.

3. Click Login.



 ESP Login Screen


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The Easy Pool Home page is the first page you access upon entering Easy Pool. The Home page provides high-level statistics of the current business day. It displays the number of business messages received or sent to your account by the following message types:

  • ON – Original notification.
  • DK – Don’t know messages.
  • CX – Canceled messages.
  • CC – Canceled and corrected messages.

Easy Pool also provides a message statistics section that contains the total number of each message type, messages received, and messages sent. The Inbound Messages section displays the real-time inbound or received messages as a link. You can click each link to obtain more information about a specific message.

For quick and easy access to frequently used functions and helpful links, click the links available in the Welcome to Easy Pool section.

The Home page provides only the current business day messages. Use the ESP Search Engine to view allocation messages sent or received during the last two business days and the current business day.


EaSy Pool (ESP) Home Page

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From the Available Production Products click EZP.


Available Production Products Screen

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When you click a message type from the Home page, the Inbound Message section displays the inbound messages. Easy Pool displays the most recent messages first in descending order based on the T2 time. Easy Pool displays up to 20 messages per page. Navigation links allow you to move forward and back to display all of the available inbound messages for the current business day.

In the Inbound Messages section, Easy Pool displays the following information for each inbound message:

Column Description
Message ID Unique identifier assigned by EPN.
Message Type

Defined under each type. Include:

  • ON - Original Notification
  • DK - Don't Know messages
  • CX - Canceled messages
  • CC - Canceled and corrected messages
T2 (Timestamp) Official time message was received by EPN.
Contra Unique account identifier of a submitter’s counterparty.
TBA CUSIP CUSIP used to identify TBA trade terms for all input and output to and from MBSD. TBA CUSIPs are assigned by Standard & Poor’s.
GDMM Good delivery millions.
Settlement Date Contracted settlement date the bonds are supposed to be delivered. These dates are supplied by SIFMA.
Delivery Date                     Date the bonds are delivered.