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Global Trade Repository

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GTR Services

Because of the inherent complexity of the derivatives market, coupled to the unique demands that every regulator has, GTR offers clients the option to report via two discreet service offerings. OTC Core (available in all jurisdictions) & EU Lite (which combines and replaces OTC and ETD) and is only available for ESMA reporting.

GTR Membership

Sign up for the GTR service that will address your compliance requirements by completing the onboarding requirements for your jurisdiction. For additional information click here. Once onboarded, you can begin reporting your OTC and/or ETD transactions to  the GTR. 

GTR Quick Start Essentials 

GTR Learning Center Key Resources 
GTR New Starter Kit (Global) 
GTR APAC New Starter Kit (ASIC and MAS Reporting) 
GTR EMIR Delegated Reporting Starter Kit (EMIR Reporting Only) 


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This section of the learning center provides you with detailed information on how to submit trade information to the Global Trade Repository for each asset class. Here you will find information on unique identifiers, message types, event reporting, positional data and message validation procedures.

This section of the learning center provides you with detailed interactive report guides for each individual GTR report, organized by asset class.

Note: Reports are removed after seven (7) days. GTR strongly recommends that clients save their batch download reports, and the daily reports to a secure local drive. After the reports are purged from the web portal, it is not possible to make them available again.

Report Publication Times:

Participant reports are published as soon as they are available on a T+1 basis. Exact publication times vary according to daily volumes. Each data center (US, Europe, Singapore) publishes Production and UAT reports in their respective local timezones.

  • DDR: US, Canada and HK publish Monday to Saturday (EST and EDT)
  • DDRJ: Japan publishes Monday to Saturday (EST and EDT)
  • DDRL: EU publishes Monday to Saturday (UTC)
  • DDRS: Singapore and Australia publish Monday to Friday (SST)