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US Trades on CTM - General FAQs

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To learn more about the benefits and details of moving US trade flows to CTM, please visit the DTCC Learning Center, Supporting US Trades on CTM page.

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No, TradeSuite ID is not being decommissioned. DTCC confirms will continue to be created, matched and/or affirmed. Having said that, as part of the Match to Instruct (M2i) initiative dealers will begin to rely upon CTM for the creation of the TS ID confirm as opposed to sending confirms into TS ID directly.

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  • Clients are encouraged to reach out to their OASYS trading systems vendor for questions on CTM connectivity through their platforms
  • All CTM Partners already support BASIC US flows today (no step out, option, auto-affirmation requirement)
  • Most Partners are educated, engaged and scoping or developing NEW CTM US Flows functionality
  • List of all certified CTM partners, can be found here: Supporting US Trades 
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OASYS-TradeMatch is being replaced by equivalent functionality on CTM. In the CTM workflow, a version of the match agreed trade details is passed down from CTM to TradeSuite ID for the purposes of auto-affirmation. This allows investment managers to maintain their affirmation rates as they move US trades from OASYS to CTM. Although TradeSuite ID will continue to exist, it will transition from a matching platform to a distribution utility.

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All clients using a Partner’s OASYS interface should follow these steps:

  1. Work with DTCC to understand overall migration story, CTM benefits, newest CTM for US Flows features/functionality and CTM pricing
  2. Contact their OASYS interface provider (Partner) to request CTM connectivity along with US Flows parity features, if required (step outs, options, auto-affirmation)
  3. Contact OASYS brokers and confirm CTM readiness on their side
  4. Contact DTCC and enter into a project to migrate OASYS flows over to CTM