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Depending on the conditions of the trade and the fields that you chose to use for pairing and matching, the CTM platform treats Price in one of the following ways:

  • L1 pairing field - your counterparty value must pair with yours
  • L1 tie-breaker - when the CTM platform finds more than one counterparty trade component with all L1 pairing fields equivalent to yours, it uses Price as a tie-breaker field to determine which trade should be paired together
  • L2 matching field - how the Price field is matched will depend on your matching profile settings.

The below table describes the conditions that outline how Price is used in the CTM matching process:

Condition  Criteria L1 Pairing Field? L1 Tie-Breaker? L2 Matching Field?
1 DealPrice set as a L1 field in the matching profile Yes No No
2 All over conditions No Yes Yes, if specified in your matching profile

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