Omgeo ALERT® Direct enables clients to interface directly to the ALERT SSI database via your own front end technology.

Omgeo ALERT® for Custodian Banks and Prime Brokers

With GC Direct, you can electronically manage settlement instructions on behalf of buy side clients via the new industry standard ISO 20022 SSI message through Omgeo ALERT. This method of connection will be via an authenticated handshake meaning audit requirements are fully met. This also ensures sensitive settlement data is not sent by unsecured E-mail communication. You can also send future effective SSI updates as well, to ensure that all parties know of upcoming changes well before they happen in the market. Broker/dealer SSIs can also be retrieved to ensure accurate communications and the most up-to-date information.

Omgeo Alert Plus® for Global Custodians Upload Guide New Popular

This document describes how global custodians can upload model and account settlement instructions files to Omgeo ALERT using the Omgeo ALERT Plus utility.

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Omgeo ALERT® Global Custodian 1.0 Direct Message Specification Popular

Contains the messages, data dictionary, and error codes for a global custodian direct client interface to Omgeo ALERT.

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Omgeo ALERT® Investment Manager’s Guide to GC Direct Onboarding Popular

This document focuses on GC Direct information, the onboarding steps required to implement GC Direct, and the SSI monitoring process for investment managers.

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XSD File for Omgeo ALERT GC Direct Interface Popular

Omgeo ALERT XSD file for GC Direct 1.0 Interface.

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